Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On to the new cycle!

I called Miss Nurse lady today and suprisingly she called right back with my results. I love it when they call you on your desk phone and work and you can't talk because if you even mutter the words "ovulate" or "levels" over the phone with her my cubicle neighbors might hear and GASSPPPP.. think I may be pregnant when I am in fact not.

Anyways, she said that on a medicated cycle they like to see the Progesterone at a 10 and mine was 1.5.


She called in Clomid, at 100 mg this month and we will try, try, try again!

Oh, and PCOS sucks, and I have horrible heartburn.
That is all.


Tillie said...

PCOS does suck. I hope this is your cycle!!!!

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